The Most Underrated Telugu Movies You Must Watch in 2021

Underrated Telugu Movies You Must Watch: New Telugu Movie Articles made especially for Telugu people, every week! Let’s speak a bit of truth today! The importance of innovation in Telugu films has been going down of late. All the big-budget movies have the same basic storyline. There’s more important to fight scenes that make our lead actors seem like superheroes, comedy tracks that have no relevance to story and punch dialogues, than that of the story.

I feel the blame for this needs to be put more on those that watch the movies than those that make them. Because, every now and then we get Telugu movies with new stories and concepts, but a lot of them can’t even make back the amount that went into making the film. And that is why even the makers have been neglecting innovation in films. Let’s see which Telugu movies that deserved to be a hit, weren’t a hit! To be honest, this list is too big, so we are only considering the recent movies.

The Underrated Telugu Movies You Must Watch

1) Neninthe

This film directed by Puri Jagannadh, with Ravi Teja as the lead actor, showed us a lot of things that happen behind the camera in Tollywood. The craze of fans on their favorite hero, the egos of heroes and directors, troubles of producers, and those working in the film industry are all part of the story. Puri has again designed his lead character excellently for this movie. In spite of Ravi Teja’s performance, mass dialogues, item songs, etc. the movie could only make average collections.

2) Prayanam

This movie that features Manchu Manoj in the lead character has to be an experimental movie in Telugu. The story is about a boy that falls in love with a girl he just met at an airport. In spite of a good romantic story, comedy, music, and high technical values, the movie could only deliver a below-average performance at the box-office.

3) Aa Naluguru

This movie not only gave Rajendra Prasad’s acting career another run but also got good reviews from viewers and critics. The movie showcases the troubles caused by money between friends and family in both a creative and emotionally touching way. but it couldn’t earn as many collections at the box office as accolades.

4) Prasthanam

This political thriller was directed by Deva Katta. Though the movie has a good story, screenplay, dialogues, excellent acting by the lead actors, Sai Kumar, Sharwanand, Sundeep, it failed in its placement and marketing. One can learn how important it is to know when to release and how to market a film from this movie’s example. Because the movie was released in the same month as Balakrishna’s ‘Simha’ and Prabhas’s ‘Darling’, and because it had almost no marketing at all, the movie couldn’t earn up to its potential at the box-office.

5) Arya 2

This movie is a sequel to Director Sukumar and Allu Arjun’s earlier successful project – Arya. In spite of Allu Arjun’s variety of characters like the first movie, good songs, and high technical values, the film failed to impress the Telugu audience. With mixed reviews and separate Telangana agitations just starting, the movie earned just about average collections.

6) Orange

The movie directed by Bommarillu Bhaskar, with Ram Charan as the lead actor, showcased some facts about Love that other Telugu movies generally never touch upon. But probably because they wanted Telugu people to like it, they reversed all the have said at the end of the film. In spite of the film’s music and cinematography being very good, people did not like the movie. And therefore the movie flopped at the box-office.

7) Vedam

Director Krish, since the beginning probably only knew to make good movies, not the ones Telugu audience liked. In Vedam, he touched upon one societal issue with each storyline. Allu Arjun’s characterization and acting deserve praise too. But, like Krish’s other movies, this one too ended up being an average performer at the box-office.

8) Khaleja

Probably because Mahesh Babu was coming out with a movie after years of break, or because Trivikram Srinivas was directing it, the movie earned a lot of hype before its release. Now After some years people are liking the movie and praising Trivikram. So, Some of the Movies may get famous on the release day. but some movies are underrated nowadays.

9) 1 – Nenokkadine

Probably no other flop movie got the cult following that this movie earned. The film that was directed by Sukumar, with Mahesh Babu as the lead actor, though couldn’t earn a lot at the box- office, earned the accolades of a lot of moviegoers. Though it had an interesting story, excellent cinematography, good acting, this movie couldn’t earn the big-budget it was made with, as Telugu mass audience couldn’t understand it. These were the movies that deserved to be a hit but weren’t! If I missed any, comment below and tell us about it.

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