These Super Hit Telugu Films Which Really Deserve A Sequel

These Super Hit Telugu Films Which Really Deserve A Sequel: The Sequel strategy that started out in English Movies reached Bollywood only 10 odd years ago. As soon as it reached, they have been churning out sequel one after the other. Though sequels started out with ‘Money, Money’ in Telugu, we only tried sequels for only a few movies.

Though some of them were successful, most weren’t. Probably why Telugu producers and directors aren’t relying on the Sequel magic as much. Anyway, we have got a few movies we really like, and they have the scope to have sequels too! So directors, without spoiling them, please make a good sequel for these!

These Super Hit Telugu Films Which Really Deserve A Sequel

1) Aditya 369

There hasn’t been as much talk about a Telugu Movie sequel about any other movie as this one. Sci-fi movies are rare in Telugu. Of those, ‘Aditya 369’ both ran successfully and was liked by everyone. There are media reports that Balakrishna will be making a sequel to this time-traveling based movie, as his 101st movie. When are they traveling to in this sequel? Maybe they will meet Sr.NTR in the past and Mokshagna as a super-star in the future.

2) Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari

‘Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari’ can be said to be one of the most successful fantasies Telugu movies. At the end of this movie, Sridevi drops her ring into the ocean. If Ramcharan were to receive powers from the ring and thus make it into a superhero movie as a sequel? It would be the right start for Telugu’s first-ever superhero movie, right?

3) Prasthanam

It is one of Telugu’s memorable movies. The movie directed by ‘Deva Katta’ not only has an excellent story and character design, but also an outstanding performance by ‘Sai Kumar’ that showcases political drama of small-town like no other movie before. As a sequel, if they could look at state or central level political drama thriller, it would turn out to be a political thriller like the English TV series – ‘House Of Cards.’

4) Happy Days

Sekhar Kammula’s ‘Happy Days’ by showcasing college life to us became very close to our hearts. Sekhar who made the characters in the movie very relatable, it makes a good sequel about the corporate life, love, and friendship of these characters, wouldn’t you watch?

5) Vikramarkudu

Though Kick’s sequel flopped, with Director Rajamouli’s ‘Vikramarkudu’ there are no chances of Ravi Teja failing. If Rajamouli continues his sequels trend that he started with ‘Babhubali’, with Athili Satti’s character beating up another villain, who wouldn’t want to watch?

6) Gudachari 116

Maybe no one else experimented with his roles as much as Krishna did. He made several spy movies such as, ‘Gudachari 116, James Bond 777, Agent Gopi’ etc. It has been a long time since such spy or detective genre movies have been made in Telugu. Who else in Telugu is a better fit for James Bond other than Mahesh Babu to renew these movies?

7) Jambalakidi Pamba

This is one Of all the comedy movies E.V.V Satyanarayana made, there has never been a fantasy comedy quite like ‘Jambalakidi Pamba.’ You have got to respect the concept of men turning into women, women into men, and then all into children. Who wouldn’t want to watch such fantasy drama again?

8) Little Soldiers

This is my personal favorite. Directors haven’t even been attempting movies with children off late. Remember how we enjoyed movies like ‘Little Soldiers’ and ‘Sisindri’ in our childhood? These generation kids need such movies too, right? So, if the kids of the brother and sister from ‘Little Soldiers’ play havoc on the screen once again, wouldn’t you watch it? These are the movies we wish sequels would be made for. If you feel something should be added to this list, comment below and tell us about it.

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