Movies that show the Acting Stamina of our Telugu Actors

Movies that show the Acting Stamina of our Telugu Actors: Nowadays Telugu Directors are focusing on commercial movies. These with their regular action scenes, item songs, etc. formula, no matter how well our actors can act, can’t prove their acting abilities like those non-mainstream movies that come along once in a while. While some are afraid of even attempting such movies, others not only have acted in them but also proved that they are champions at the art of acting. Let’s see the movies that gave these actors the opportunity to prove their acting abilities.

Movies that show the Acting Stamina of our Telugu Actors

1. Vedam – Allu Arjun

No matter how successful Allu Arjun’s movies before ‘Vedam’ were, his character of ‘Cable Raju’ from ‘Vedam’ movie will be a milestone in his career. In the movie, he steals the old man’s money, to win the girl over and the way he enacted the guilt as he waits to buy the party passes, teared up everyone. By choosing such a role, Bunny has proved his acting abilities and hard work.

2. Nijam – Mahesh Babu

Everyone knows Mahesh Babu is handsome, but the movie that proved his acting abilities on the screen is ‘Nijam’. Though not a commercial success, it got Mahesh Babu his first-ever Nandi award. Not only Mahesh Babu but also Gopichand who acted as the villain in this movie got to prove his acting talents through this movie.

3. Shambo Shiva Shambo – Allari Naresh & Ravi Teja

Though not a huge commercial hit, this Tamil remake movie proved Allari Naresh and Ravi Teja’s acting abilities once again! Though famous for his Comedy movies, if you really want to see what Allari Naresh’s acting abilities are, you should watch ‘Shambo Shiva Shambo’, ‘Gamyam’, ‘Nenu’ etc. movies.

4. Aa Naluguru – Rajendra Prasad

This movie is a gem out of Telugu low-budget cinemas. Right from concept to acting, the cinema’s standards stand out. Anyone who watches this movie has to appreciate the movie. This movie fetched actor Rajendra Prasad his well-deserved Nandi Award.

5. Annamayya – Nagarjuna

Annamayya can be called a benchmark in Nagarjuna’s acting career. Nagarjuna who had proved his talent at romantic, family, and action movies, through ‘Annamayya’ discovered a new acting caliber in him. The success of this movie opened the doors to devotional movies like ‘Sri Ramadaasu’ and ‘Shirdi Sai’.

6. Aapathbandhavudu – Chiranjeevi

I don’t need to specially tell you about Chiranjeevi’s acting talents, but if you want to really see his acting, you have got to see ‘Aapathbandhavudu’! As a servant to heroine’s character ‘Hema’, and acting like a mad person for her in an asylum in the character of ‘Madhava’ Chiranjeevi delivered an unforgettable performance.

7. Sagara Sangamam – Kamal Hassan

If I have to speak of Kamal Hassan’s acting versatility, the next ten videos would fall short! To say that in the current generation Indian actors, he is the most versatile actor would be no exaggeration! Though there are a lot of movies and characters he played, I feel like this movie is the most significant in his career.

8. Devadasu – ANR

Though Akkineni Nageshwara Rao played a lot of characters, the first that would come to the mind of any Telugu person is his ‘Devadasu’. His ‘Kudi Yadamaiyte’ song from the movie is an anthem to all the Telugu people who failed in their love.

9. Dana Veera Soora Karna – NTR

There is no way this list would be complete without Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao. Anyone has to come after NTR is playing a mythological character in Telugu. Though there are loads of amazing characters he played, there is none like ‘Dana Veera Soora Karna’ which he not only produced and directed but also played the characters of ‘Karna’, ‘Dhuryodana’ and ‘Krishna’ – 3 in a single movie! These are the movies that proved the acting talents of our Telugu cinema heroes.

Obviously, there are loads of Telugu movies and actors I couldn’t include on the list. So, let us know who you think should be included in this list by commenting down below.

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