Most Popular Festivals for Telugu States People in 2021

Most Popular Festivals for Telugu States People: A house with all the elders together, and the kids being their naughty self, sharing their happiness and strengthening their bonds that were the vision behind all the festivals created by our elders. And that is why, unlike the other countries where there are a few festivals, we have got so many of them! If you check out a Telugu calendar you are bound to find a festival every week! Apart from these, our favorite hero’s movie release day is a festival for us to, isn’t it? Since there are so many festivals, let’s see what are the top festivals Telugu people celebrate.

Most Popular Festivals for Telugu States People

9) Bathukamma

The flower festival celebrated by the girls and women of Telangana is celebrated for 9 days during the Durga Navaratri. During the festival, 7 layers of flowers arranged as a ‘gopuram’ are worshiped as ‘Batukamma’ a form of Maha Gauri Devi. These nine days, girls pray for a good husband, and women pray for the health and well being of their family, by placing their Batukamma’s in the center and singing folk songs and dancing around them in the evenings.

8) Dussehra

The festival that we are celebrating this week is celebrated because of Ram winning over Raavan and goddess Durga eliminating Mahishasura on the day of Vijayadashami. While some burn Raavan’s effigies, others submerge the statues of Durga after praying to it for 9 days. But Telugu people give Sami tree leaves to their elders and seek their blessings as a token of respect. The boat festival is celebrated on the same day in the Krishna-Tungabardra confluence.

7) Christmas

The festival celebrated on the occasion of the birth of Jesus every December 25th is the biggest festival for Christians world over. It’s a tradition to exchange gifts on the day of Christmas. If you have a Christian friend, I am sure you would have received a cake from them on the day. And there is Santa in churches to distribute gifts to kids as well!

6) Ganesh Chaturthi

I doubt I would have to tell you about the festival that is celebrated on the birthday of the big-bellied Ganapati. It’s festivity across every street as Ganpati arrives. Right from the small Ganapati idols in the house too, Khairatabad Ganapati, everywhere, people pray for knowledge and elimination of troubles by doing sit-ups in-front of the idols. Also, avoid seeing the moon on the night of Ganesh Chaturthi, it is believed to cause bad luck.

5) Eid al-Fitr

The festival we generally call ‘Ramzan’ is actually the end of the month of Ramzan. Muslims end their Roza with this day. In order to get closer to Allah, for 30 days from the sunrise to sunset they don’t even drink water as a part of the ‘Roza’. On the end day, Muslims across the world after finishing their prayers, have their Eid feast with their friends and family.

4) Bonalu

‘Mahakaali Bonalu’ can be said to be the biggest festival of the Telangana. The people of Telangana, pray to Mahakali and since she protects them, they offer their gratitude by offering her the meal cooked in a pot. On the occasion of Bonalu, they pray to the 9 avatars of ‘Kali Devi’ such as – Maysamma, Pochamma, Yalamma, Panama, Poleramma, etc.

3) Sankranti

The festival that is nicknamed the big-festival by Telugu people is generally celebrated on January 14th, on the occasion of the farmers receiving their harvest. Since the previous day to the festival is ‘Bogi’ and the next day is ‘Kanuma’ (both festivals) we get three days off. And that is why relatives who live far off too visit and celebrate the festival together. Sankranti decorations, ‘Gobbama’, ‘Hari Dasu’ etc., all part of the form of this festivity. In rural areas, bullfights, cock-fights, and a lot of other completions are held as a part of the celebrations. It is a tradition for newlywed husbands to visit the in-law’s house for this festival.

2) Diwali

Our favorite festival since childhood for a lot of us! The festival that brings excitement to us with crackers such as ‘Flowerpots’, ‘ground chakras’, ‘atom bombs’ etc, is celebrated on the occasion of the killing of the daemon king ‘Narakasura’ and the returning of Rama from exile. Since it is believed goddess of wealth – ‘Lakshmi’ visits the house on the day, the house is completely cleaned, designed, and decorated with lamps. And in the evenings, we celebrate by bursting crackers. But, this scares the animals around. So, please burst your crackers far from them.

1) Ugadi

Telugu people’s new year! We manage to learn the name of Telugu new year just the day and to prove our Telugu prowess, we wish everyone in pure Telugu! While they predict the future by reading the ‘Panchangam’ in temples and T.V, in the house we have decorations, prayers, Ugadi ‘Pachadi’ (special mix), and a lot of other food items. The celebrations are unmatched!

This was the most celebrated festivals of Telugu people’. Comment and tell us which is your favorite festival and its memories for you.

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